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you turn my heart on

(♥) → well, this is a kinda sad post.

In response to the latest fuckery with LJ's default comment pages, I'm moving all of my fic (and my personal stuff) off of LJ and onto Dreamwidth. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone too much. :( I'll still be posting links to new fic on here for as long as I feel that it's necessary.

All my new fic will be posted at [community profile] minasanorian. I'll start importing content from inkfades as soon as DW allows for anyone who wants to read the posts on here and not get a headache or become overcome with disgust at the ugliness. :| I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT THESE SHITTY COMMENT PAGES. (When I get all my fic backed up on my shiny new Ao3, I'll post a link to that too.)

If any of you are joining in this migration of RAGE, comment with your DW username so I'll be able to recognize you! I'm [personal profile] mandaffodil on DW, and also on Ao3.

I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD NEW YEAR. ♥ (Lol I'll be looking forward to posting my end of the year wrap-up on DW and having THE MOST PATHETIC OVERALL WORD COUNT, orz.)

Thank you all for making inkfades a wonderful experience for me.

I'D BETTER SEE YOU ALL ON [community profile] minasanorian!!! ♥
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