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(merlin, gwaine/lancelot) | about to break you

Title: about to break you
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Gwaine/Lancelot, mentions of Elyan/Percival
Word count: ~5,700
Summary: Gwaine realizes Lancelot never swears, and he desperately wants to change that.
Warnings: Some pretty tame orgasm denial.
Notes: This is entirely misslemonbar's fault. NOT THAT I WAS FIGHTING TOO HARD AGAINST IT. Now that this is done I can finally watch Sherlock, a;lsjf;;JALKJ.

Gwaine folds his arms over his chest and says nothing more. He wants to be annoyed by Lancelot’s holier-than-thou attitude, and, well, he is, but he’s also fascinated with the slow-coming realisation that he’s never heard a cuss from Lancelot’s mouth before. Never. Not in the tavern after they’ve drunk the place dry, not on the training field, not on the battlefield—
Tags: f: merlin, p: gwaine/lancelot, r: nc-17
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